Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Benifits of suryanamaskar and how to perform suryanamaskar

The Suryanmaskar has several advantages and if done frequently only solely assist you lose flab but can also assist you combat diseases

 Here are a number of advantages of this asana...

- Suryanamaskar, or Sun Salutations, ideally done facing the first morning sun, helps our body to soak in its advantages — sun rays are a rich supply of vitamin d and helps to strengthen our bones and conjointly helps to clear our vision.

- In Suryanmaskar rising one's posture, conjointly offers a correct exercising to the body so helps in losing unwanted adipose tissue.

- Regular follow of Suryanmaskar may also assist you loose the surplus belly fat.

- The postures in Suryanamaskar stretches our muscles and makes our body very flexible.

- The moves and postures facilitate all our internal organs perform higher — the various poses regulates our blood flow, benefits the digestive system and makes it more efficient
It helps combat sleep disorder because it relaxes the body and calms the mind.

- It helps regulate menstrual cycles and makes giving birth easier.

- It facilitate blood circulation and thereby facilitate hair growth and forestall hair issues.

- It reduces anxiety and restlessness and enhances our strength and vitality.

- Suryanamaskar advantages not simply adults, however youngsters similarly.


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