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Restless Legs Syndrome and Sleep

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) steals sleep. it's always worst within the evening and nightlong, which might mean very little rest and fatigue following day.

"Most individuals with RLS have fragmented sleep, with issue falling asleep and repetitive jerking motions that may wake them up," says Researchers

The good news, is that several individuals with RLS respond to easy treatments -- which will mean higher sleep.

1. Rethink your bed.

Eugene Jones of Westlake Village, Calif., has had RLS for thirty five years -- nearly half his life. although it will disrupt his sleep, he and his better half, Joyce, still wished to share a bed.

So they found the way to create it through most nights along, despite Jones' leg movements: They bought a large bed consisting of 2 mattresses, one for each of them.

2. Move before bedtime.

What you are doing within the hours before going to bed might assist you sleep higher.

"Mild exercise in the later afternoon or early evening -- however not too close to bedtime -- will create symptoms somewhat better, as will doing one thing that keeps you alert and engaged," says specialist

Gardening, for instance, helps a number of Avidan's patients

Best answer on sleepless nights includes going for a walk, or calming his body by taking a hot shower or tub. That usually helped enough to induce back to sleep as per researchers.

3. Time your medications.

You got to treat before the onset of symptoms.If you recognize your symptoms begin around meal time, take your medications a little earlier. do not wait till bedtime.

It's also necessary to travel over all of your medications together with your health care supplier. Some medicine -- like anti-nausea medications, some antidepressants, and anti psychotic medicine -- will cause or worsen RLS symptoms.

If you are searching for a drug that can assist you in treating your RLS, Please note that it may take some trial and error to search out the one that works best for you. As each and every drug may not respond in treating RLS

4. Cut out alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine.

They're famous to worsen RLS symptoms.

RLS patients should  not eat aged cheese as a result of it contains high amounts of amino acid, an amino acid that may trigger symptoms.

Hope the above information in helpful to you all

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