Friday, 4 April 2014

Smoking reduces the ability to taste sweets in women

A new analysis says that fat ladies who smoke cigarettes might not have the interest towards sweets.

While smoking isn't sensible for health however it's found to lower down the calorie or fat intake by reducing the smokers' perception of taste.

In a study at the Monell Center in Philadelphia, four teams of ladies in the age bracket of 21 to 41 went dunner certain observations  to check the consequences of smoking on their style / tastes.

The group had some fat and traditional weight related issues who were additional categorized as smokers or nonsmokers.

The researchers had the four teams of ladies taste many vanilla puddings with varied levels of fat and also the participants were asked to rate the puddings for sweetness and creaminess.

It was found the fat smokers could not say a lot of regarding the sweetness and creaminess of puddings. The additionally confessed of not enjoying their puddings a lot

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