Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Less time spent in watching Tv leads to better school results

For the study, researchers analyzed media habits of over 1,300 school kids who were recruited to participate in an fat hindrance programe.

Children got a lot of sleep if parents restricted screen time that conjointly resulted in lower risk of fat.

If you limit the number of your time your children pay on the pc or before of the TV, they're possible to perform higher in class, have better sleep, behave better and have lower risk of fat.

"As screen time goes up, school performance goes down.

It may take up to seven months to examine the advantages of limiting screen time of children, the study found

"Parents limiting exposure to violent media resulted in accumulated pro-social behavior and reduced aggressive behavior
Teachers reported grades and commented on student behavior and the Doctors observed improvement in   student's height and weight ratio.

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