Thursday, 3 April 2014

Non-insulin drug for diabetic patients

NEW YORK: A young Indian scientist has developed a potential non-insulin drug candidate for diabetic patients that may help eliminate the danger of low-blood glucose

Arnab De, a PhD in microbiology and medical specialty from Columbia University here, has developed the non-insulin drug candidate unitedly with Richard DiMarchi of Indiana University.

Patients use insulin to keep their sugar levels under control, an overdose of insulin will cause low blood-glucose (hypoglycemia), which can cause diabetic-coma and be critical. insulin treatment has additionally been reported to cause weight-gain that will exacerbate a diabetic condition

The endocrine offers the promise of revolutionizing the treatment of sort II diabetes and reduce obesity," he said.

Regarding the clinical test of the new drug, Diamond State said that GLP-1 has a very short half-life of 2 minutes and this instability has obstructed its effective use in patients.

As per to a study printed within the journal amide Science, DE and DiMarchi "envisioned a prodrug of GLP as a method to increase the period of action" and their analysis resulted in many vary of choices for prolonging amide action to once-a-day and once-a-week formulations.

"Needless to mention, this may be very useful for patients as we'd have a formulation that must be taken one time every week as critical when each meal" DE aforementioned.

"It could be a most outstanding breakthrough which could additionally facilitate to defend against fatness and maybe against alzheimer's disease too. there's a large marketplace for such a therapeutic in india given the growing range of patients," Mozumdar aforementioned.

As per estimates by The International diabetes Federation, around one in 5 people suffer from some form of fatness. These people are 3 times more susceptible to heart attacks or stroke and 5 times additional likely to develop adult-onset of diabetes vis-a-vis people while not the syndrome.

Indiana University research and Technology Corporation (IURTC) has applied for patents internationally on these prodrugs within the world-wide market

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