Saturday, 5 April 2014

Pack Healthy Snacks and Experience a Healhty Life

Pack Healthy Snacks

Do you experience energy dips throughout the day? do you have food cravings and finish up touching the coin machine or grabbing a cup of coffee to fill the void? It’s time to kick that habit!

Experience Life Take Action Challenge

prepare and pack some healthy snacks daily. Before you leave the house every morning, fill a minimum of one — and ideally 2 — snack-size bags or containers with some quite wholesome sustenance. smart selections include: hardboiled eggs; hummus and veggies; a protein shake; an apple and cheese; a small sandwich, salad, cup of soup or turkey-lettuce rollup; whole-fat yoghourt with dried nuts and seeds, shaven coconut, and a sprinkle of high-fiber cereal — something healthy which will nourish you through an energy slump

Strive to grab whole-food snacks with a decent dose of protein, healthy fat and fiber-rich advanced carbs — not an excessive amount of sugar or processed flour.

Healthy Perspective

Consider your snacks as mini-meals. instead of uptake 3 huge meals and grabbing nutrient-poor snacks (or starving) in between, eat 200 to 400 nourishing calories per “meal” (depending on your activity level and metabolic needs) and aim for 5 to 6 of those mini-meals daily.

You’ll realize this approach offers you steadier energy throughout the day (instead of these spikes and dips certain to accompany sugar- and caffeine-laden treats) and additionally helps block cravings and mood swings.

The goal is to maximize energy and metabolism, to ne'er go hungry — and to start creating a lot of health-supporting selections throughout the day.
Overcoming Barriers

Planning, making ready and even packing your snacks during a convenient bag the night before makes it straightforward for you to simply grab and move into the morning. build yourself a high-visibility note therefore you bear in mind.

Vending-machines fare is typically nutrient-poor; processed snacks send your blood glucose on a roller-coaster ride, and rob you of energy and vitality.

By properly feeding your body a healthy balance of high-quality carbs, proteins and healthy fats from whole food sources, you’ll feel energetic and focused throughout your day.

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